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Guest Blog:

Spirits have remained high in Aspen for the winter season as a recent storm hit town bringing 18” of snow in three days. Looking at the forecast ahead in Aspen, more and more snow can be seen for the next couple of days to come. But what do those little snowflake icons seen on our phones and tablets actually tell us? Ryan Boudreau, longtime Aspen local and co-founder of, kindly breaks down the detailed forecast for this weekend, the season and years to come in Aspen:aspen_weather_logo.jpg

What to expect this weekend and beyond:

“Hello all, Ryan Boudreau here from Aspen’s #1 weather source It was an unusually dry January in Aspen, but thankfully the spring-like dry spell has finally left us. Winter has made a come back with the epic dump last weekend. Snowmass received up to 19 inches over a four-day period, and all Aspen/Snowmass mountains measured more than a foot of new snow, which had locals smiling ear to ear. Conditions on the hill now are great, and temperatures have been colder day and night. We had a huge shift in the jet stream, where we finally got dry/warm pressure in the west to break down. Expect another 10 days of stormy snowy unsettled weather.  Aspen will get more than another foot of snow as a long duration storm hits in waves Friday night through next Wednesday.”

What was up with that January weather anyway?:

“People asked Aspen lead meteorologist Cory Gates, and I why this warm, dry spell lasted so long. Basically the Pacific waters warmed a few more degrees in the last few months. El Niño strengthened a bit more than we thought. This ultimately caused a high-pressure block up around Northern Pacific area.”

What will the next years bring?

“Our future winters over the next 10 to 15 years will end up normal or better, every now and then one winter won't be so good, that will be offset by a few extremely harsh winters.”

About Cory, Ryan and

Cory Gates and Ryan started in 2012 and in just a few years have over 1,000 paid members taking advantage of the site everyday. Cory's accurate weather forecasting ability has locals and visitors prepared for their Aspen travels and their outdoor adventures. They have two webcams for their members to check out; a live HD camera at the Aspen ABO showing aircraft land and depart, and another camera looking directly at Aspen Mountain.

Membership costs are $20 for the “Vacationer’s Package,” a 10 day membership service, $40 dollars for a six month service, and $60 for the year. Check out for more details.