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Duncan Clauss

Duncan biking

Duncan is the owner of Aspen Brewing Company and Director of the Aspen Power Plant.  A transplanted New Englander who followed his dream of living in the mountains and owning his own brewery all the way to Aspen, Colorado.

Duncan's 5 Favorite Things To Do in Summer:

  1. I love to run up Scotty's Trail up Aspen Mountain (yep it's as painful as it sounds) and take the Gondola down...before work.  It's a long and tough alternative to the Ute Trail. 
  2. Mountain Bike anything!  Smuggler - Lollipop - Iowa Shaft - Hobbit - Sunny-side is an amazing 20 mile loop!
  3. Tuesday Cruiseday - A casual Tuesday evening ride starting at Aspen Brewing Company and ending at Smuggler Park for the sunset.
  4. We-Cycle around town.  If you're showing a friend Aspen or taking a date out to dinner...WE-Cycle!
  5. Bike the Rio Grande Trail from town to Woody Creek Tavern for the best margaritas and fish tacos outside of Baja.

Duncan's 5 Favorite Things To Do in Winter:

  1. Breakfast at Bonnie's on Aspen Mountain - The oatmeal pancake is second to none. 
  2. Cross Country/Skate Ski to the Maroon Bells.  When do you have the Bells all to yourself?  After the 7+ mile cross country ski from T-Lazy 7!
  3. Skin up & ski down - Morning or evening, and definitely under the full moon!
  4. Cloud 9 - A big surprise here, but go have the time of your life at Cloud 9 on Aspen Highlands...it's the best after a hiking the bowl.
  5. Hot Tub! - I won't tell you where I go, but Aspen is full of accessible hot tubs!

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